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4 Ways You Can Tell If You’re a Victim of Periodontal Disease

Posted by: Spectrum Dental, on November 25, 2013

Sneak a peek at your spouse’s mouth before checking out your own in the mirror. Can you tell which one of you has periodontal disease? Unfortunately, one out of every two Americans over age 30 has gum disease so chances are good that one of you has it. But, we’re guessing it’s your spouse, rather… Read More…

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3 Ways That Energy Drinks Are Bad News For Teeth

Posted by: Spectrum Dental, on September 20, 2013

Energy drinks are some of the most popular beverages on the market right now, especially amongst teenagers. Many consume these drinks in order to enhance everyday performance, alertness, and energy levels. While they may seem harmless, with some companies making “sugar-free” options, there is a lot more to worry about than the sugar content of… Read More…

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4 Easy Ways to Consume Less Sugar Throughout the Day

Posted by: Spectrum Dental, on August 15, 2013

We all know that a sugar-filled diet is bad for our health, but it’s also bad for our teeth. Ready to commit to some simple steps to healthier eating? Check out these easy, doable suggestions that can help prevent a multitude of dental problems. Four Simple Tips Be Able to Recognize Sugar The toughest part… Read More…

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