Porcelain Crowns

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Spectrum Dental restores smiles with the placement of natural-looking porcelain crowns.

A dental crown is often used to restore the appearance of a damaged tooth, or to replace a missing tooth. Dental crowns are placed directly over a tooth or implant, acting like a "cap" or covering. Made of porcelain, they are extremely durable and closely matched to the color of existing teeth.

A porcelain crown may be recommended to:

  • Securely hold a dental bridge in place
  • Provide a cosmetic fix to enhance smiles
  • Cover an irregularly shaped tooth
  • Protect a damaged tooth from further decay or infection
  • Restore a tooth that has been chipped or cracked
  • Provide a natural looking covering for a dental implant

If your smile is in need of some help, a dental crown may the solution to bring back your full and confident smile. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment!

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