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At Spectrum Dental, we proudly work with difficult and intensive cases.

Prosthodontics, or what we call "super dentistry", is a specialty that deals with the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures by bridges, dentures, or other artificial devices. In essence, it's the science and practice of full mouth dental restoration.

There are only 3,200 prosthodontists in America today, as compared to 170,000 general dentists. Becoming a prosthodontist requires an additional three years of postgraduate specialty training beyond the completion of a dental degree. The demanding training consists of:

  • Rigorous teaching of the basic sciences
  • Experience treating full mouth reconstruction cases
  • Intensive understanding of head and back anatomy
  • Training in biomedical and biomaterial sciences
  • Understanding TMJ and the function of occlusion
  • Preparation for didactic opportunity
  • Training for treatment planning
  • Guidance in esthetics

Here at Spectrum, we pride ourselves on our in-house lab, advanced technology, extensive experience, and lifelong learning that help us to continually deliver stunning, smiling results to our full mouth restoration patients.