Sedation Dentistry

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Spectrum Dental offers a variety of sedative options for our patients who require additional measures of comfort during their dental procedures.

For patients who want to avoid needles, we administer conscious sedation orally. The sedative is typically offered through a mask, introducing nitrous oxide (commonly known as "laughing gas") into the patient's system. Patients remain awake while induced into a sleep-like state during the procedure.

For patients who want to be completely sedated during the procedure, we are able to offer I.V. sedation. Commonly referred to as sleep dentistry, I.V. sedation is recommended for patients who undergo extensive procedures or who have unusually low pain tolerances.

Spectrum Dental ensures a safe practice of sedation dentistry with dental anesthesiologists in our facility.

We’d love to talk with you more about our sedative options and determine which option is the best for you. Schedule your appointment today!