Composite Fillings

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Composite fillings are tooth-colored fillings used to repair a damaged tooth. There are many options available for filling material, and Spectrum Dental consults with patients prior to the procedure to determine the most appropriate material per the patient’s individual needs.

Composite fillings are durable solutions to common damaged tooth issues, including:

  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Composite Filling Procedure

Composite fillings are typically administered in one appointment. The affected tooth is numbed, cleaned, and prepared for the filling material. The pre-determined filling material will be placed, shaped, and polished to restore your tooth to its original state. Spectrum Dental ensures that composite fillings are matched to the color of your tooth.

Composite fillings are durable solutions that ensure a long lasting, confident smile. Schedule an appointment today, or contact us for more information!